La force du baobab est dans ses racines." Proverbe africain

Mot du président

 Dear customers and dear stakeholders, To satisfy you, we spare no effort to offer you the best quality services. Serving you honours us and gives us pleasure. That is why we do it always with a smile. Your success is our success. The success of each of our customers or stakeholders is an end in itself Our ambition: Restoring the African's dignity through knowledge, know-how and the integration of African culture into modern management. Our concern: Offering you the decisive advantages to become or remain the key player in your business sector.

Our advantages:

  • A full raft of projects ;
• A huge economic data bank ;
• A burning flame of innovation ;
• An access to appropriate financial instruments ;
• A wide network of partnerships.

We stick to the values in which we have committed ourselves:

  • Being the privileged partner of leading enterprises ;
• Driving wealth creation;
• Meeting long term savings and financing needs;
• Upholding our attachment to community culture and organization that are conducive to the improvement of productivity;
• Improving our operations and profitability in order to be among the leading banks.

 We foresee major challenges, but we calmly face the future:

 Much still needs to be done and we are aware there will be trouble ahead. Nevertheless, we face the future with confidence and caution. Caution, because it is tricky to make precise forecasts on the trend of the economic situation, but we are confident because the group to which belongs First Bank CD, Afriland First Bank Group, demonstrated, right from its inception, a strong capacity to adapt and manoeuvre. More effort is necessary, but we are on the right track and our team's solid commitment is the main driving force of our success.

  Our greatest pleasure is to always serve you with a smile and remember that joining us means that you have partnered indeed with an original world class African group named Afriland First Group which trough its worldwide network and partners will take you far beyond your current local operations in Democratic Republic of Congo. Let us discover and build your future together.